Traditional pies of Epirus


You can find the tradition in this place on your plate!

Flavors with influences from east and west, Balkans and Mediterranean all in harmony with the climate, habits and fruits of this land. Epirus with its scarce resources and rugged terrain makes agriculture difficult so animal husbandry has always been the main activity of the locals in whose cuisine there was always meat, dairy products, flour, corn, leafy greens. One of the most famous dishes is the traditional pies made mostly with simple ingredients but with a huge variety. Pies have always been dominant at the tables of the Epirotes in the daily table and in the festive at weddings, gatherings in fasting, sometimes savory and sometimes sweet. The most famous pies are

Leafy greens pie: With phyllo on top and bottom and stuffed with various greens (celery, swiss chard, nettles, spinach, etc.), leeks, onions, herbs (dill, parsley) and feta.

Batsaria (or blatsaria): With almost the same ingredients that we put in the leafy greens pie, with the difference that it does not have phyllo but a porridge of corn flour

Chicken Pie: Open with a phyllo that turns on the edge of the pan and makes a crust or stuffed with chicken and rice

Meat pie: Like open chicken pie with crust, mutton or goat meat and rice

Macaroni pie: Leaves, thick macaroni, eggs, milk and feta

Cheese pie: Phyllo, milk, cheese, eggs and semolina

Dough pie -Zimaropita (or flour pie ) Easy and quick pie with flour porridge eggs milk and feta

Pumpkin savory: Pumpkin phyllo cheese and eggs

Sweet pumpkin pie: Phyllo, pumpkin, raisins, walnuts, sugar and cinnamon

Milk pie: Milk, eggs and sugar

and many more with combinations of ingredients, with peppers, trachana, pasta, cream cheese and whatever material was in the kitchen.