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Escape to Katsanochoria

Departure: 08:30 Return: 18:00 Routes: Ioannina – Tsoukas Monastery – Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis” – Kostitsi – Profitis Elias – Arachthos – Lazena “Hippostroth” – Ioannina Cost: 3 people: 60 €   We started from Ioannina at 08:30, with the morning sun giving the lake this silver color that turns it into a

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Covid-19 Extra health & safety measures

Thank you for choosing “Z” for your stay! In Z, we care about the experience of every single guest and our sole purpose, as always, is your health and safety. In light of the impact and changes caused by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to ensure you that we are focused on the health and

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Traditional pies of Epirus   You can find the tradition in this place on your plate! Flavors with influences from east and west, Balkans and Mediterranean all in harmony with the climate, habits and fruits of this land. Epirus with its scarce resources and rugged terrain makes agriculture difficult so animal husbandry has always been

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What is Epirus? “… Drinking your morning coffee in a green landscape next to a lovely lake, enjoying at noon fresh fish on the beach while the Mediterranean sun warms your body and the evening drinking wine by the fireplace with the snowflakes dancing in the background in the window pane»   Epirus is the

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