Lake Pamvotida

Lake Pamvotida

Tales of our Lake

At an altitude of 483 meters above sea level is Lake Pamvotida, also known as Lake of Ioannina, one of the oldest lakes in the world with an area of 19.4 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 11 meters. In a lush green landscape with Mitsikeli reflected in its waters and the city of Ioannina being embraced by the lake, it enchants with its beauty.



Dawn breaks over the land of mountains

stirring its living beings,

people both good and bad, weasels,

foxes, a cherished lake, apple of their eye,

and castles long in ruins. It must Giannena,

I whispered, in the snow and fierce weather,

looking like glass or gold.


Poem by Michalis Ghanas, “Giannena of Glass”


Ioannina 455 00, Greece

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